Our équipement : Handling operations and I.T.

Handling operations and I.T.

Name Capacity
High-resistance tread plates 150 tons/u
Carriers & tractor units with mounted cranes  de 25tm à 100tm
Front-loader forklift trucks de 2 tons à  20 tons
Forklift truck with telescopic mast 4 tons
Mini crawler cranes 3.83 tons
Hydroelectric station 200 tons
Hydraulic cylinders jusqu’à 50 tons/u
Industrial trucks jusqu’à 35 tons
Rollers jusqu’à 48 tons
Beam travelling trolleys de 1 ton à 2 tons/u
Hoists de 1 ton à 10 tons/u
Traction hoists 5 tons
Electrical and manual stackers 2 tons
24 October 2023

AIRBUS aircraft transport

We were entrusted with a mission to...
3 February 2023

Installation of 180 tons pedestrian walkway in Périgueux !

Historic moment with the laying, last night,...
30 January 2023

Construction of the Vellèches ecobridge over the motorway A10 !

Three nights and about fifty workers to...
9 January 2023

Two cranes lifting of a nuclear power plant rotor !

143 tons to lift for each 750t...
15 December 2022

Out of gauche transport is on the way !

This week, we organized the transfer of...
7 September 2022

Lifting and setting of a 360 ton metal bridge!

Our 650 ton CC3800 crawler crane equipped...
23 June 2022

Head-to-head lifting on Line 18 of the « Grand Paris Express »

A crucial stage in the construction of...
22 July 2021

Two out of gauge transports (3rd category) and final installation on site with two cranes

Deadline for obtaining transport authorizations plus two...
20 April 2021

Duo towers cranes in Paris are being dismantled thanks to our LTM1750 crane

Dismantling work is in progress and requires...
20 April 2021

A new 250 tons crane in our fleet

Our group crane fleet is growing with...