Our équipement : Handling operations and I.T.

Handling operations and I.T.

Name Capacity
High-resistance tread plates 150 tons/u
Carriers & tractor units with mounted cranes  de 25tm à 100tm
Front-loader forklift trucks de 2 tons à  20 tons
Forklift truck with telescopic mast 4 tons
Mini crawler cranes 3.83 tons
Hydroelectric station 200 tons
Hydraulic cylinders jusqu’à 50 tons/u
Industrial trucks jusqu’à 35 tons
Rollers jusqu’à 48 tons
Beam travelling trolleys de 1 ton à 2 tons/u
Hoists de 1 ton à 10 tons/u
Traction hoists 5 tons
Electrical and manual stackers 2 tons
19 February 2024


It's official since last night, November 8th,...
19 February 2024

A new LTM1090-4.2

This new year marks the completion of...
19 February 2024

A large-scale construction site in CADARACHE (13)

A large-scale construction site in CADARACHE (13)...
24 October 2023

AIRBUS aircraft transport

We were entrusted with a mission to...
3 February 2023

Installation of 180 tons pedestrian walkway in Périgueux !

Historic moment with the laying, last night,...
30 January 2023

Construction of the Vellèches ecobridge over the motorway A10 !

Three nights and about fifty workers to...
9 January 2023

Two cranes lifting of a nuclear power plant rotor !

143 tons to lift for each 750t...
15 December 2022

Out of gauche transport is on the way !

This week, we organized the transfer of...
7 September 2022

Lifting and setting of a 360 ton metal bridge!

Our 650 ton CC3800 crawler crane equipped...
23 June 2022

Head-to-head lifting on Line 18 of the « Grand Paris Express »

A crucial stage in the construction of...