Our équipement : Handling operations and I.T.

Handling operations and I.T.

Name Capacity
High-resistance tread plates 150 tons/u
Carriers & tractor units with mounted cranes  de 25tm à 100tm
Front-loader forklift trucks de 2 tons à  20 tons
Forklift truck with telescopic mast 4 tons
Mini crawler cranes 3.83 tons
Hydroelectric station 200 tons
Hydraulic cylinders jusqu’à 50 tons/u
Industrial trucks jusqu’à 35 tons
Rollers jusqu’à 48 tons
Beam travelling trolleys de 1 ton à 2 tons/u
Hoists de 1 ton à 10 tons/u
Traction hoists 5 tons
Electrical and manual stackers 2 tons
20 October 2020

CC-3800.1 during assembly for the first time with MCM

Here are the pictures of the CC3800-1...
3 September 2020

A 500 tons capacity mobile crane to reinforce MCM LEVAGE

Here it is, ready! A new 500...
31 January 2020

The 2019 SOBEGI SECURITY CHALLENGE won among 28 companies involved

This Tuesday, January 28, 2020 the company...
28 January 2020

Expending in a new area : warehousing logistic

AUTAA LOGISTICS has a warehouse dedicated to...
29 November 2019

A new acquisition: MCM LEVAGE

We continue our external growth with the...
6 August 2019

The 90 meters cherry picker is at work in the plains of Meuse (55)

The BRONTO cherry picker is at work...
1 August 2019

Support to the Section Paloise Rugby Club continues

  The partnership between Section Paloise and...
4 February 2019

Two large-capacity cranes mobilized to replace tower tops supporting high-voltage cables.

Tower maintenance operations are being conducted in...
17 January 2019

The crawler crane LTR1100 ready to set off

After two hours’ preparatory work to safely...
17 January 2019

Through its new affiliate Andre Salles Transport, AUTAA now also transports foodstuffs.

In 2018, Autaa purchased André SALLES transportsin...